The Luxuries Of An Executive Room

When you are planning to book a stay for a night or two in a modest facility you could splurge a bit on yourself at not too much of an extra cost. Unlike the four or five star facilities, the executive rooms with modest facilities offer modern comforts and amenities which they will enjoy. If you are traveling for business or work, it is imperative that you have a spacious room to relax in. If you are staying the weekend and have a long trip ahead of you, you need to rejuvenate for the trip in advance. For all these reasons, splurging on an executive room makes sense.
More space
When you choose an executive room over a standard room in a motel, the difference that strikes you first is the difference in space. As compared to the space available in a standard room, the rooms that are part of the executive category are usually larger. The larger space in these rooms and those rooms that have a garden view or even a back verandah will surely help one to relax and unwind much better than in a cramped, closed room. Many motels and inns these days have greenery options around the rooms with garden seating as well, which adds to the comfort and relaxation of the guests.

Greater office amenities
There are several amenities added to an executive room in a motel to make it suitable for working people. Those who need to work in their rooms can find a working desk and chair as well as WiFi access in their rooms. This makes it easy and convenient for them to work in their rooms. For those who are traveling for work, these are basic necessities that come of use when they book a room in a motel.
Luxury facilities to look forward to
When you have spent a little extra to book an executive room, there will be lots of reasons to indulge and spoil yourself. With large LED TV with cable connection, tea and coffee making facility as well as some rooms with dining that come with a microwave and toaster, you will be able to prepare your snacks and beverages and enjoy them in the comfort of your room. If you are traveling with a partner, these facilities make greater sense. Some modest facilities have access to shared pools and garden areas as well, which make the overall package worth the price.
Review and plan
If you are planning to book a travel accommodation for a business trip with a certain budget, there is no reason why you should not expect a little more at that price. There are several amenities and extra facilities that are offered in certain motels at the same rate.