Most Popular Window Accessories You Need To Have Right Now

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When you enter a room you will immediately focus on the windows, as they are the eyes of the house and the connection with the natural world outside. To decorate the house you need to pay attention to the window treatments. Don’t go out there buying blinds blindly! Plan your décor and think about what will look better on your window and try to visualise each type of window accessory along with the rest of the room.Go for metal blinds for a chic vintage lookIf you are a Mad Men fan you probably browse this site for Timber shutters Melbourne which can provide you the chic look from the movie. If you have no idea who is Don Draper, think about the metallic shades featured in the 1960s movies and the buildings decorated in the style. Wide metal blinds can add a modern feel to your home and when matched with soft rugs or curtains, they will make the décor come together in the most stylish way possible. Next time when you are shopping for Melbourne blinds give wide metal blinds a shot – they are not only good looking, but also easy to clean, as they are not prone to bending.Elegant plantation shuttersIf you want to invest in style, choose plantation shutters. They will add elegance to your home and look like highly expensive items, even if they don’t soak up your pocket. Plantation shutters are custom fit and have smart wands which adjust the length.Colours for a bold statementIf you are not afraid of bold colours, pick vivid shades for your curtains. In spaces where neutrals are all the rage, like dining rooms, bold colours will protect you from curious eyes at night, which makes them perfect for bedrooms as well. Rooms where there is not a lot of texture or furniture can also benefit from bold shutters.Sheer fabrics promote a dreamy atmosphereSemi transparent blinds or curtains are perfect for a romantic atmosphere. The fabric will leave a lot of imagination, casting interesting shades and colours over the room, letting inside just the right amount of sunlight. If you need to decorate a small room pick sheer fabrics in front of matte fabrics, as they will make the room look bigger.Less is more in window accessoriesIf you don’t have a shabby chic space, less is more when it comes to window treatments. Allow the light to come inside by picking sheer curtains or half curtains for your rooms. Roman curtains are another popular pick which leaves enough open space.