What\’s With The Mole?

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Samuel Wang was on his way to the doctor to check out a mole that had begun to develop on his arm. He had not heard good things about moles and prayed that it was not cancerous. He took the afternoon off work to do so.
He arrived at and went into the doctor’s offices. The receptionist told him that he’d have to wait for five minutes. He realized he was early. He sat down and opened the Financial Mail to an article about and know m ore about short term loan. He’d read that it was a loan that you would take out without having any assurance that you would pay it back.
He began to think about whether he would need unsecured personal loans for this mole. He pushed the thought out of his mind. He didn’t want to tempt fate. He closed the magazine and opened the Men’s Health. The article he’d read was about how to get a sixpack in twelve easy steps. Just as he was about to read it the receptionist said that he could go through.
Dr. Edward Howard was the city’s skin specialist.  Wang showed him the mole on his arm and asked if it was anything he had to be concerned about. He gave it one look and said: “No.” Wang breathed a sigh of relief. He told him that it is common for people in his age group to get moles or freckles that they did not have before. He thanked Dr. Howard and left the offices feeling lighter.
On the way home he stopped at the video store to pick up some movies that he would watch when he got home. He chose two episodes of Breaking Bad, and two episodes of The Wire. This will be a great escape, he thought. He stopped at the grocery store to buy some Jumping Jack popcorn, biltong and cherry juice.
When he got home he picked up the post and went inside. His mother had sent him a letter. She was living in Durban and he was living in Johannesburg. He opened it and read that his parents had wanted him to come home that weekend to housesit as they had to attend an art workshop in Hogsback. He wondered why his mother couldn’t pick up the phone or send and email in these modern times. She’d posted the letter via fastmail.
He phoned her and said that he’d be able to. He packed a bag, putting his videos and snacks into it with some clothes. He jumped in his car, filled his tank at the petrol station and zoomed off to Durban.