Why Your Roof Needs Repainting

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If your roof needs a new coat of paint, there may be several reasons behind it. Understanding the reasons will help you to preserve your roof for longer, preventing the need for further repainting jobs in the future. This is a very valuable lesson for you to learn, because it could save you a lot of money. Before you have any repair work done, or perhaps while the repairman is there, take a look at the roof and try to understand what the problem is. This will help you to prevent the problem from reoccurring too soon in the future.

Lack of Sealant

The Sealant should be put onto a roof as soon as it has been painted, right on top of the colour coat. It will help to keep the colour fresh, because it will bounce UV rays right off. It will also prevent moss from growing, or other fungal growths, as well as mould. Any of these issues with your roof could be caused by a lack of sealant. It could also be that the sealant which was used was not a high enough quality. Make sure that you have a professional grade sealant applied to the roof by roofing restoration Melbourne company.

Damage to Underlying Tiles from Weather

It is of course true that extreme weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to a roof. It could be that the previous roof painting job did not take into account the severity of the weather in Melbourne. For example, the paint and sealant might not have been strong enough to withstand heavy rain. An undercoat, or primer, can help to make the paint more water resistant. It will also protect the tiles underneath. If you have damage to the tiles caused by weather, it could be that you need a better undercoat to prevent weather damage in the future.

The Wrong Kind of Paint

If the original job was done with paint that was not the right quality, you could easily have seen problems arising from this. The paint might fade more easily and quickly if the paint is not rated to withstand the kind of sunshine that you get at home. You cannot just use any kind of paint. For a start, it has to be sprayed on the tiles, using a professional grade sprayer. It also has to be the right kind of paint to withstand outdoor weather. This is very important if you wish it to last for a long time to come.